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LILYCUTE Nail Extension Gel Set

LILYCUTE Nail Extension Gel Set

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Are you craving long, luscious nails but don’t have the patience to wait until they grow out? Look no further than LILYCUTE’s Nail Extension Gel Set! Our set is brand new and of the very highest quality, so you know it will help you get the salon-quality look you want. Not only is it suitable for use on natural, acrylic and gels nails - it will also help strengthen them too. Shining with a durable coat, your nails will look perfect for a professional or personal setting every time.

The process for using LILYCUTE’s Nail Extension Gel Set couldn’t be easier! After gently filing your nail surface, apply a thin layer of gel and cure under UV/LED lights. If desired, pop on one of the false nail tips to extend the length of your nails. With our top quality gel, make sure that it is completely stuck on before curing with UV/LED lights again. To finish off your look - trim down or file up any extra length; apply another layer and cure again! Now, stand back and admire your beautiful nails!

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to experience enviable length and strength quickly and easily with LILYCUTE’s Nail Extension Gel Set today! You won’t believe how long and glowing your finger tips can look in an instant - order now!


Content: 15ml

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