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Ionic Facial Steamer

Ionic Facial Steamer

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The Ionic Facial Steamer from LONOVE is your perfect solution for professional facial spa care at home or on the go. Combining nano steam with revolutionary ionic water particles, the steamer penetrates up to 10x deeper into pores than regular steam, unclogging them and providing a deep cleansing. Our full-powered steam produces a controlled amount of micro-fine mist that results in softer, more moistened skin. In addition to reducing acne, the steamer warms up quickly for an extra relaxation boost, so you can forget about your stress and feel incredibly refreshed right away. With its wired BPA-free design and patented inner clean system, the Ionic Facial Steamer offers 100% clean execution without any plastic smell that would ruin your session. Rely on its trusted performance whenever you want to enjoy a luxurious facial spa experience!

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